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Important Dates

31 January
Expected student, teacher and express mobility should be inserted into the Google spreadsheet of the relevant network.
SIBELIUS network: Hanneleen Pihlak, hanneleen@ema.edu.ee
NORDPULS network Keld Hosbond, keho@musikkons.dk
NORDTRAD network: Lena Arstam, lena.arstam@mhm.lu.se
NORDOPERA network: Espen Matheussen, EspeMath@khio.no
Cristoffer Fredriksson, christofer.fredriksson@uniarts.se (from 2017/2018)

15 February
Applications for intensive courses and development projects sent to the network coordinators.

1 March
Student exchange applications submitted to the IRCs of host institutions

15 May
The results of student mobility applications announced

15 June
Google spreadsheets updated according to the actual mobility data

Payment of student/teacher mobility grants to partner academies by the network coordinators

Use the Student Grant Form and Teacher Grant Form