27 - 28 August 2018
Royal Academy of Music Aarhus


Digital technology has already transformed music education on many different levels, but how? This is the question for our three presentations in this opening slot. The answers will fall within three different fields of music education. The first will be about how it changes the craft itself - this will be in relation to composition and AI. The second will be about how technology changed the pedagogical possibilities - in this case how video can break down the wall of the classroom. Finally, the third presentation will be about how teachers and students find one another though technology. The three presentations will be followed up by a panel discussion.

The second slot will present some of the ongoing projects within the field of music and technology.

The third slot will present two very different ways of working with music though the Internet. The first one is about Orchestration Online. Orchestration Online is a huge project on a "small" topic, orchestration, using several platforms. It is a community (with more than 20.000 followers), a channel (almost 100 videos), and a large website including a MOOC. Thomas Goss, who has created it all by himself, will share his experiences with developing and delivering massive global learning online.
The second presentation is to be announced.

The final slot is reserved for the future. We have invited students to participate in a panel discussion on the future of digital technologies in music education. As digital natives, the students must be considered our best source for information. We have therefore invited them to tell us about their expectations in relation to future use of technology. After this input, we will make a breakout session, discussing the student's recommendations in smaller groups, and based on that try to create future networking activities for common interest.

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