ANMA statement: Expression of support for the Ukrainian higher music education sector

The Association of Nordic Music Academies ANMA, the Nordic/Baltic umbrella for higher music education hereby wants to express the deepest sympathy and support for the Ukrainian people and specifically for Ukrainian musicians and artists. At the same time, ANMA also expresses concerns and support for the music institutions in countries neighboring Russia, many of them being members and associate members of ANMA.

ANMA condemns the Russian government´s aggression and all its actions of violence. The war is a direct attack on basic principles in the European and Nordic collaboration – the rule of law, non-violence, and academic freedom.

ANMA encourages all member institutions to initiate and support initiatives that can support music education in Ukraine and to welcome artist refugees into local communities.

Examples of actions can be:

1. Short term and swift help – direct dialogue with Ukrainian Higher Music education institutions in order to identify urgent needs  

2. Open up resources for Ukrainian students and staff. It could be online teaching, online access to libraries etc.

3. Artistic outreach to refugees from ANMA member institutions

4. Support of student or staff initiated manifestations of support for Ukraine in the coming weeks

5. Attention to the needs and well-being of other affected students and staff

ANMA believes in music and art as free human expressions, and we consider war to be an action that absolutely cannot be tolerated.

2 March, 2022