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Morten Tandrup

Study Coordinator / International Coordinator - Rhythmic Music Conservatory


I have always played music myself and ages ago (in the late 90's) I studied electric bass at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. That was before the merge of the rhythmic and classical department, so I was a part of a very small rhythmic institution (jazz, pop etc.) where everybody knew, played music and had fun with everybody - a truly wonderful time. And I just realized the fun fact that I now work at the only conservatory in Denmark (and maybe in Nordplus?) that educates in rhythmical genres only.

My life as a musician has brought me several places and enormous pleasure through the years. I played almost every genre that exists, but enjoy singer/song writer, jazz and pop the most.. at least at the moment (and yeah ok.. playing funky grooves is also fun as a bass player).

After my graduation I continued playing, but I also realized that I missed using another part of my brain - the coordinator part :) So I started a "side career" that led me to several different jobs within coordination and project management - e.g. at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, the genre organizations World Music Denmark and Jazz Danmark and working as an independent manager for guitarist Jakob Bro, who I played with years before.

As I always prioritized to have time for playing music - and later on for my family - I have always worked in part time positions. The same goes for my current position, which is 30/37


Looking for jobs in the music business, the conservatory is an obvious place to keep an eye on. In 2013 I was engaged in a temporary position at RMC in 5 months. So when a permanent position was available in 2016, I probably had an advantage, as I already knew a lot about the institution and working processes. In any case, I got the job :)


The IRC part was actually an "add-on" that came after I started in my job. This also means that I can only use half of my time doing IRC stuff. But when I realized that RMC needed a new IRC, I immediately said: "I'll take that!".

As in all my former jobs I enjoy the reaching-out part. Having collaborations, colleagues, partners and contacts all over Europe gives me a feeling of being part of something bigger, being more open, more integrated.. and actually more free (big words!).

I enjoy working with projects from A to Z. Being a part of a creative brainstorm phase, having ideas, funding it, planning it, making it happen and seeing the result. That's an exciting and satisfying process for me.

I also have an urge for optimizing working processes - and a little digital nerd gene. Can anything be done in an easier way using a new digital tool, I want to make that happen.

Privately I live with my girlfriend and our two kids. I've lived in Copenhagen for 18 years, but any Dane that hears my accent, will know that I am from Jutland - the origin that I may/may not return to when I grow up :)