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Marianne Løkke Jakobsen

Director of International Affairs, Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen


I grew up in the southern part of Jutland, near the German border, in a clergy family with four girls - with four different ethnicities. 'Diversity' was second nature to all of us and something I was raised with. Since I had access to a beautiful monastery church, I chose to play the organ from a very young age. I played in several tiny village churches. As a lot of other people at that time, I also played piano, recorder and I sang in the church choir.

I chose to go to a musical folk school. To attend a folk school is a special Danish tradition and when I went, I found out that I was supposed to do something completely different than I thought at first. It is extremely important to really consider your options and not make up your mind too fast - unless you want to become a violinist! I lived in Paris before I started my studies and worked as an organist during my studies. At university I studied Musicology and French, and later I supplemented with Leadership and Chinese studies.


I got my first job at RDAM after I finished my studies and I had my first child (later on my second child came along). I have had many different types of assignments at the Academy. I also helped with the main cleaning before we moved into our new facilities. As International Coordinators, we know that if you want things done you have to pull up your sleeves and get working. Maybe it is like that in many jobs. The path to my current position has been many years of hard work, from the study administration to international cooperation, with exchange projects and strategic development on many different levels. Now I am in the Management, trying to see how my many years of experience can help further the development of our institutions and educational programmes in the right direction. I particularly enjoy the international cooperation. Not only have I developed many good relations, I am also inspired to see and understand that we must work for unity and mutual interest for art's position in society and on a global level.


My passion is, without a doubt, making things happen in close cooperation with others. I enjoy making a change and creating a sense of community. I am tired of politics and COVID-19. I am excited to have visions again, that can actually be carried out. It is important for me that we foster inclusiveness. Not just as International Coordinators but as an institution - among our teachers and students. I believe that is something we must contribute to, all of us, together.