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The Nordtrad folkmusic network started 1996 in Stockholm as a network within higher music education in the Nordic countries under the NORDPLUS programme. In 2008, the Baltic countries were also incorporated. Today the network consists of 17 higher music education institutions offering different study programmes ranging from bachelor to PhD level.

The working group, with one representative teacher or contact person from each country, plans different network activities to increase cooperation between the participating institutions. One important activity that takes place in different places each year is a Forum for all teachers and students to meet in workshops and concerts and to have pedagogical and artistic discussions.

Over the last years, the Nordtrad cooperation has developed radically. Nordtrad is proud to present the programme for graduate students, Nordic Master in Folk Music. The Nordtrad network also has applied for support for an intensive course: Nordtrad Plucked Strings summit 2017/18.

The overall goal of the Nordtrad network is to strengthen Nordic/Baltic higher music education within the field of folk music. It is done by:
Student and teacher mobility
Joint Study Programme
Curriculum development
Exchange of information
Other relevant activities

Lena Arstam

Coordinating institution:
Lund University/Malmö Academy of Music
Box 8203
SE-200 41

Visiting address:
Ystadvägen 25, Malmö Sweden