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Nordic Master in Folk Music

During the programme, the students will deepen and develop their artistry and technical proficiency, simultaneously acquiring an advanced knowledge of existing Nordic folk music traditions.

With this programme, the students will obtain practical and theoretical insight into various Nordic folk music traditions enabling them to use it in their own music. The programme will give the students contacts and unique possibilities of working within the Nordic region instead of being limited to their own country. It means that they will study the folk music traditions of each country on location, and meet some of the best folk musicians and teachers of the country in question. 
Ensemble playing is an essential part of the studies and great importance is attached to the way various local music traditions can be transposed within the ensemble playing in such a way that the qualities of the music will be shown to their advantage in a new context. Thus it is a researching, musical work which is primarily carried out within the group of students.

For more information, please see www.nofomaster.net