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Monday 21 October

The first preseminars will run parallel 10.00-11.00

1) Collaboration with festivals
Location: Auditorium Knut Knaus

University of Bergen (UiB) has a focus on research and innovation through knowledge clusters, and The Grieg Academy has been working in an informal music cluster together with several festivals and orchestras in Bergen. We are now looking into how to take this one step further, so we can fully benefit from synergisms already experienced by other clusters at UiB, such as Media City Bergen and the Norwegian Media Cluster. In a panel discussion by Grieg Academy staff and external partners we will show, tell and explore this together with Nordplusmusic delegates.
Chair: Dagfinn Bach

2) Nordplus practicalities
Location: PPU room (2nd floor)

What is the minimum length of express mobility? How are teacher mobility grants calculated? What possibilities does Nordplus funding offer? We will walk through the preconditions for getting funding as well the regulations for filling grant agreements, calculating grants and administrating responsibilities.
Chairs: Hanneleen Pihlak and Lena Arstam

The second preseminars will run parallel 11.00-12.00

1) Virtual Audition project
Location: Auditorium Knut Knaus Presentation of the Virtual Audition development project, activities and results. Melting pot of singers, teachers, technicians, agents and international staff. Notes to self: what did we learn? Joint discussion about experiences from other projects and ideas for the future.
Chairs: Outi Nissi and Theis Munthe-Brun

2) Music therapy in action: international collaboration through research and education
Location: PPU room (2nd floor)

Music therapy is an academic discipline and professional practice that is strongly established at the University of Bergen. In this session Claire M. Ghetti, Associate Professor in Music Therapy, will illustrate how an ambitious music therapy research project can enable international collaboration, and in turn develop opportunities for education and exchange.
Chair: Tale Vik