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Barratt Due Institute of Music

Name: Margrethe Marjavara
E-mail: margrethe.marjavara@bdm.no

Name: Edvin Østvik
E-mail: edvin.ostvik@bdm.no
Phone: +47 90 95 00 95

Norwegian Academy of Music

Name: Tone Jordhus
E-mail: tone.jordhus@nmh.no

Name: Miriam Rintelen

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU - Department of Music, Trondheim

Name: Karen Riis
E-Mail: karen.riis@ntnu.no

Oslo National Academy of the Arts - The Opera Academy 

Name: Espen Matheussen
E-Mail: EspeMath@khio.no
Phone: +4794523329

University College of South-East Norway - Department of Traditional Arts and Traditional Music

Name: Eline Flesjö
E-mail: eline.flesjo@usn.no

University of Agder - Department of Music

Department of classical music
and music education:

Name: Jørn Schau
E-mail: jorn.e.schau@uia.no


Department of popular music:

Name: Rolf Kristensen
E-mail: rolf.kristensen@uia.no

University of Bergen - The Grieg Academy
Ole Bull Academy

Name: Tale Vik
E-mail: tale.vik@uib.no

University of Stavanger - Faculty of Performing Arts

Name: Lena Crosby Haug
E-mail: lena.c.haug@uis.no

Kristiania University College

Name: Andrea Sydvold
E-mail: Andrea.Sydvold@kristiania.no

Head of Programme, Popular Music
Name: Audun Molde
E-mail: Audun.Molde@kristiania.no

The Arctic University of Norway - Faculty of Fine Arts

Name: Michael Strobelt
E-mail: michael.strobelt@uit.no
Phone: +47 776 60543