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Funds can be awarded to a network that arranges intensive courses for the participation of both teachers and students from the institutions involved. Teachers from outside the network and the Nordic/Baltic area who have the same subject may also take part in these courses.

Courses or symposia, master-classes and workshops may be held during the course of a semester or as summer courses, and usually have a duration of 1-2 weeks. Participation in the courses must result in the awarding of credits to the students.

Applications for courses must be well founded/prepared. When evaluating an application, attention will be paid especially to the following:

- the number of students taking part and the importance the course has for further cooperation and the utilization of resources within the network.

- that the course on a relatively advanced level deals with a special subject which is not regularly included in other offers of tuition.

- that there is a definite connection between the course and existing or projected study programs.

- that the course contributes to the exchange of knowledge within new areas or within an area which is in a stage of rapid development.