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In addition to mobility grants Nordplus awards a contribution towards travel expenses. The amount of this contribution depends on the distance between the two places of study. A chart has been made to determine the exact amount of the travel grant (maximum amounts):

To and from Nordic/Baltic Countries: 330 EUR
To and from Iceland and Faroe Islands: 660 EUR
To and from Greenland: 1300 EUR


Grants may be awarded to practice-related student exchanges within the public sector and in private enterprises as well as NGO and other non-profit organizations. It is conditional that the practice period constitutes an integral and credit-awarding part of the student's ordinary study program. Practice-related exchanges are subject to the same directives and conditions as ordinary exchanges. The student must be given adequate follow-up and counsel so that the exchange can function without friction. The exchange should provide a possibility for personal development in the student's particular field and facilitate introduction to the labour market.


Disabled students have the right to participate in the Nordplus program on equal terms with students without handicaps. In special circumstances this type of exchange can be awarded 100% of the amount applied for.

If there is a need for extra awards in connection to the exchanges for disabled students, an application may be submitted. As an exception, an application for a grant can be made outside the ordinary deadline for applications. Extra funds for this type of activity are kept in reserve.


Students interested in a Nordplus grant should contact the international coordinator at their home institution. From 2013, application takes place through the online application system NOAS.