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Digital mobility

As a response to the pandemic, Nordplusmusic offers temporary support for digital cooperation initiatives between the member institutions.

To facilitate various types of online cooperation, institutions can apply funding for direct costs (equipment, hardware, software, licenses etc) and/or indirect costs such as training of participants.

The application needs to be sent by the IRO to the network coordinator, grants will be paid only to the institution (not individual participants).


Principles and rules for digital mobility and digital cooperation

1. Because of the COVID-19, many planned mobilities and cooperation projects have been postponed or even cancelled. In order to still maintain the cooperation activities within the Nordplus networks, funds originally granted for physical mobility or projects and network support can now be used for either digital "versions" of these physical activities or to new digital solutions/activities and to facilitate digital mobility.

2. These digital possibilities are applicable for the grants that were allocated in 2020 and also grants allocated in 2021.

3. The grants that were allocated to (individual physical) mobility and projects as well as network support can be freely used between different types of digital initiatives.

4. Hardware and software and/or licenses may be purchased but only for institutions, not for individuals.

5. Individual scholarships cannot be granted to individuals on "digital mobility" unless there are some costs for the individuals. The networks may decide themselves if the costs are acceptable. Transparency and equal treatment should be a guideline for these decisions.

6. Nordplus funding may be used to facilitate the digital mobility, but the support is only for institutions (with the exceptions mentioned above concerning individuals).

7. Networks should document these costs in the same manner as the original grants, in accordance with the rules of the original contract and the activities should be reported in the final report.