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Presentations and documents from thematic days at the annual meetings

Tuovi Martinsen: NEXT! project

Tony Woodcock: Social Entrepreneurship
International Music Day
MAPSI: Managing Art Projects with Societal Impact
Zbignievas Ibelgauptas: Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Benny Marcel: Working Together for a New Nordic Region
Claus Skjold Larsen: The Danish Performance Contract System
Martin Prchal & Linda Messas: Musique - Music Quality Enhancement
Peder Hofmann: KMH International

Andrejs Rauhvargers: Global University Rankings
Stefan Gies: Benchmarking and Ranking: Useful Tools to Improve Quality in Higher Music Education
Ramona Mohd Tahir: SEADOM - Southeast Asian Directors of Music
Rima Rimsaite: Lithuanian Higher Education
Developing Internal Quality Management System for Studies at LMTA
Voices from Finland
Knut Myhre: Sibelius Network 2014

Henrik Sveidahl: New BA in Music Performance at RMC
Zbignevas Ibelgauptas: Vision of Classical Pianist: Context and Challenges of Professional Integration at LMTA
Profiles of Tomorrow's Teaching Musician
Claus Skjold Larsen: How to Combine Specialization with a Holistic Approach: A Portfolio Career as Orchestral Musician
Stephan Barratt Due: From Young to Mature Artistry, Experiences from Baratt Due Institute of Music

Being an Entrepreneur Through Developing Your Artistry
Marja Liisa Niinikoski: Creative Industries and Innovation: Case Finland
Orkester Norden and ANMA
Mapping Artistic Research
Mapping NNME 2008-2011

Steven Gerber: 
The library in the music academy of tomorrow - role, challenges and possibilities 
Pia Shekhter: 
Summaries from 4 workings groups (February 2011)

Agenda General Assembly with National Reports 2010/2011

Sweden 2010
Norway 2010 

Henrik Borgdorff: Where are We Today? - The State of the Art in Artistic Research

Other reports 

Nordic institutions for higher music education - a survey 
Study tour in the US report (English)
Conference 1999: Teachers working hours (Swedish)

Bologna declaration

The Bologna Declaration: An explanation (PDF)
Effects of the Bologna Declaration on Professional Music Training in Europe