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Nord+Mix: Creative Music Innovations in Spatial Sound Sphere

Music Innovation Studies Centre
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

The first session took place 1-8 February 2016 and second session 19 - 28 April 2017 at the Music Innovation Studies Centre of LMTA. The third and final session was organised 11 - 22 April 2018 at MiSC.

NORD+MIX was a trans-disciplinary intensive hands-on workshop with a strong emphasis on working with innovative music technology by employing experience, tools and methodology developed in LMTA MiSC and assisted by well experienced teachers from partner institutions. It brought together students of composition, sound design, music technology and sound art. 

Creative workshops and individual consultations by composition and music technology professors from Nordic/Baltic partner institutions encouraged young composers to develop, produce, mix and present spatial sound and music projects performed during the first session by string quartet CHORDOS and at the second session by contemporary ensemble Synaesthesis.

The consortium aims to continue the cooperation focusing on immersive sound. Focus will be on smaller groups of students involving composers, performers, and sound designes/engineers closely cooperating while developing joint innovative projects.

Watch the concerts and lectures of the third session:

May 28: Concert I

May 29: Concert II


Lectures 1
Lectures 2
Lectures 3

Watch the lectures and concert of the second session:

1. April 20: Lectures
2. April 20: Teachers concert
3. April 21: Lectures
4. April 22: Lectures
5. April 24: Lectures
6. April 25: Lectures

Download teacher presentations of the first session:

Paolo Girol (EAMT)
Elements of Sound Design as a Compositional Tool, Sound-visual analogies

Kent Olofsson (MHM) 
Electronic music and sound spatialization in contemporary theatre performances
Links to recordings and videos

Hans Peter Stubber Teglbjærg (DKDM)
Components of Space


Watch the project documentaries and final concert!

Full Documentary

Short Documentary

First Concert

Second Concert part 1

Second Concert part 2