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Dig.Music is a development project that facilitates online course implementation through workshops, external & expert support and peer tutoring between music HEIs, enhancing faculty competences in online teaching and boosting regional cooperation, leading to increased utilisation of digital approaches in higher music education.

One of the key aims of the Dig.Music project is to widen the available study options for students of the partner institutions. So far the partners, with the aid of the project, have designed and implemented e.g. the following online courses:
- Contemporary Music Analysis
- Classical Music Analysis
- Introduction to Contemporary Music
- Fundamentals of Songwriting
- Phenomena-based Music History and Appreciation
- Spatial Audio for Music Composition and Studio Production
- Acting through Singing
- Intercultural Relations and Creative Communication
- Information and communication technology 101 for Musicians

By the end of the 3-year project (2020–2023), Dig.Music has:
- Created and implemented in total 12+ new online courses in English, partly available for students in all partner institutions
- Supported robust teacher skills and competence in developing and implementing online study units
- Increased and shared knowledge and understanding of online pedagogy in the context of HME

The Dig.Music project will culminate in a final hybrid conference in May, 2023 in Vilnius.

Project partners:
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland (coordinator)
Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
Latvian Academy of Music
Royal Danish Academy of Musicc