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NewTime Music 2.0

NewTime Music 2.0 is a development project of the NordPuls network, starting from the outcomes of the previous DP NEWTIME funded by Nordplus 2015-17.

NewTime Music 2.0 aims to enhance collaboration, curriculum innovation, distant and blended learning and blended earning for the music professionals of the Nordic and Baltic region.

The first Experimentarium of Newtime 2.0 was held as an online conference in December 2020, during which the participants dived into the world of teaching and technology, experimented with Zoom, Jamulus and LoLa and heard the experiences from guest speakers Claudio Allocchio (GARR), Chris Chafe (Stanford) and Sarah Weaver (NowNet Arts Forum) as well as distinguished colleagues and inspiring students.

For more information including the recorded sessions please visit the website newtimemusic.eu