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Nordic Baltic Chamber Orchestra Accademia Baltica

Nordic-Baltic chamber orchestra Accademia Baltica is an intensive course under the NordClassic network.

First session: Bach in the Baltics
28. March - 3 April 2019, Latvian Academy of Music

Bach in the Baltics concentrated on the stylistics of the baroque period, aiming to explain the participating students of historically informed performance and its importance performing on contemporary instruments.
The intensive week resulted in two public performances – in Jurmala Concert hall and in the Great Hall of JVLMA.

Second session: Beethoven and the Baltics
October 2019

The repertoire of Beethoven and the Baltics concentrated on baroque, classic and contemporary music, allowing the participating students to master several important skills of a professional musician not possible to acquire during regular studies. The project included a real tour with concerts in Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Short video

Project partners:
Latvian Academy of Music
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre