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CAB - Composition, Arrangement, Bandleading

CAB was a NordPuls intensive project exploring the GENERATIVE MUSICIAN and the CO-CREATIONAL MUSICAL PROCESS taking place 2015-2018.

Students and teachers gathered together to explore the roles of ARTIST and MUSICIAN.

The teams worked with the student's original material in the band rooms. On top of that everybody explored the "songwriting-process" going deep into writing hook-lines, creating bass-lines, sharing ideas, writing stories, flow-writing, essence-writing and making chord progressions. Some of the song-writing-material was brought into the band-rooms and finalized, ending the week with a concert with original music and lyrics.

Project consortium:
Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Danish National Academy of Music
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Latvian Academy of Music


Short clip

Documentary overview


Jam session "Made in Estonia"
Lyrics Writing
Expert advice on messing up :)
Final concert