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Band Teaching Conference

The third and final session of the development project was held at the Royal Academy of Music Aalborg 30th March - 1st April 2016. The first session was organised 8th - 10th April 2014 and the second 7th - 9th April 2015.

Band Teaching is a key subject for schools dealing with pop and jazz music. The forms and ways of teaching are very diverse and differ from school to school. There is - for the time being - very little debate on a higher (national and international) perspective when it comes to subjects like: 
  *   The placement of the subject within the curricula 
  *   The workload/heaviness of the subject (ECTS) 
  *   Teaching methods 
  *   Target groups (children, adults, beginners, professionals, small groups, big groups etc. 
  *   Evaluation of teaching skills 
  *   Pedagogical progression 
  *   The transition from small-children-teaching to junior-band-teaching 
  *   The integration of choir/vocal methods and body/rhythm/coordination exercises 
We think that this subject is too big to live an anonymous life within the academies. We need to get the teachers together to develop teaching strategies, pedagogical methods. We need them to share the knowledge and expertise developed by the individual teachers.


Band Teaching Conference 2016

Band Teaching Conference 2015